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 TransitVision 2050

(Download the TransitVision 2050 Report in PDF format)

Energy EfficientMulti-ModalEnvironmental Sustainability

Empowered by society to help shape a sustainable world and to enhance quality of life, America’s public transportation industry will have a central, transforming role as America confronts change in the years ahead. TransitVision 2050 was established to build a compelling, collaborative vision that would inspire such ongoing aspirations and actions.

Our vision is an efficient, multi-modal transportation system, the key for sustained economic vitality and global competitiveness. In this vision, by 2050 America’s investment in balanced transportation systems has enabled it to sever its dependency on foreign oil. America is stronger as a result.

In this vision, the switch to high quality public transportation systems has given individuals the choice to avoid climate-unfriendly lifestyles. Communities are better as a result.

In this vision, people from all walks of life have freedom, opportunity, and independence to pursue their American dream. The quality of life for many generations to come is enriched as a result. In short, investments have brought a return that far exceeds the initial outlay.

Across the North American continent, population trends, urban growth trends, energy trends, environmental trends, and economic trends all point favorably to a ripe, robust future for public transportation. The challenge will be to step up efforts – federal/state/local/private – to make the vision a reality.

In preparing its vision for the future, the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) conducted a year-long dialogue within its membership and has collaborated with its many partners. In its outreach efforts, APTA utilized contemporary communication techniques to gather input, including chat rooms, blogs, webinars, video conferences and streaming videos. A special TransitVision 2050 task force was created to distill this wealth of inputs into the report you see.

The document is written in the voice of someone describing the world in 2050 and how it has changed since the early part of the 21st century.

APTA and its member organizations look forward to working with Congress and others to seek the reforms and investments required to make this vision a reality for future generations. Actions to be taken over the next year will be the first steps on that journey.

TransitVision Report

TransitVision 2050

Final Report of APTA’s TransitVision 2050 Task Force
October 2008

TransitVision Video

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